Arrived in Las Vegas

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  1. Gerard Lachance says:

    We need videos!!! lol

  2. Mike & Denise says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time and from my intuition you’ve had some trouble free traveling. Always good news. We’re leaving next Saturday for Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and probably a little cooler weather than what you are having. Looking forward to seeing a photo of you and Julie standing in front of a row of slot machines holding a gigantic check 😉 Be safe out there and don’t get sucked into all of those fantastic buffets everywhere.
    Mike & Denise on Merritt Island, Fl

    • GRT says:

      Hi you guys, yes Vegas can be a sucker for the cash. We will limit our gambling to $100 per person. That’s it. Just a bit of fun.
      Weather here is brilliant. Julia wants to head North towards the fires and the cold !!! and I want to head South. So i suspect a few arguments will take place before she wins.
      Enjoy your trip to Tennessee, and don’t drink too much of that Tennessee moonshine.

      • Mike & Denise says:

        Did real good. Only ‘sampled’ a few 🙂 We’re in Asheville right now (36F)

        • GRT says:

          Ashville is a great place to visit, and some of the bars are excellent. We actually did alright in Vegas. Max (our daughters boyfriend) won $250 on the first night. And I won $850 on the second. So after that I called it quits. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

  3. Serena Robelli says:

    Enjoy yourselves.
    Do more videos, stay safe.

  4. Paul Pittman says:

    Glad you are back. Looking forward to more videos. Why are so many of them blocked due to country/copyright reasons?

  5. Herbie AKA Redjaguar100 says:

    Hi Glenn, I was just thinking about you guys. I hope all is well and your OK. We haven’t had a video in a long while or an update on your travels. Keep us updated… Say Hi to Julia for me.

  6. Dewey says:

    Hello! My winter has been long without any videos from you guys. Hope you’re having a great time traveling and look forward to updates!

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