Another day, another dealer !!!

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  1. Dave Gilmore says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Been following with interest from Asia. (living in Hong Kong and holidaying in Margret River WA) Firstly, I must applaud your incredible patience with this stubborn problem. I have been shopping Rv’s now for several years (returning to Canada 2018) and will pull the “trigger”on the deal within the year. Entegra Anthem was very high on the list however, your blog has provided much to consider and we are now inclined to seek out other options. This will no doubt be bad news for Jayco/Engtegra and I’m sure others will also be so inclined as a result of your honest and forthright blog. We will continue to follow with interest and look forward to your achieving resolution soon so that your blogs can focus on the journey, hopefully problem free… Many thanks….Dave G.

  2. philippe nathalie says:

    hello glenn haw are you..?
    what’s your problem…?
    do you want phil assistance pour probleme camping car
    fabien et philippe venir au USA for help you!
    bonne soirée gros bisous

  3. chris says:

    Mate , i was just wondering if you ever looked a Newmar company? or Newell motorhomes? I am a big fan of the Newmar London Air. Very top quality stuff.
    I noticed your Entegra is part of the Jayco group, and in my humble opinion they are like the British leyland of motorhomes.
    Love to know what you thought of the Fleetwood,
    Cheers, Chris..

    • GRT says:

      Hi Chris

      The only reason we don’t buy another Fleetwood was we fancied a change and Entegra seem to give you more for your money, which is bloody useless if the thing drive badly. We never had a problem with the Fleetwood all the time we owned it (8 years). It would be nice to go a month without a problem on the Entegra. This holiday we have spent 5 day (not including the 5-7 traveling) at repair shops for the steering. Not good….

  4. Ed D says:

    Hello Glenn,
    Similar to Dave G, we have been following your journey with great interest. We are within months of purchasing a Class A and had narrowed the field down to the Cornerstone and London Aire. Your blog is providing very valuable insight into the ownership experience.

    While we are most impressed with the styling of the Entegra, the service from Spartan is falling far short of our expectations.

    It is becoming likely we will choose a Newmar with the Freight liner chassis. While I’m sure your journey has been frustrating, please feel certain that sharing your experience is being valued by many as we share the story with friends approaching similar decisions. Today, my wife and I visited the Newmar dealer and liked what we toured.

    Message to Entegra and Spartan — you might want to pay more attention to this issue as your lack of a resolution is driving customers to the competition.

    Best Regards,

    • GRT says:

      Maybe, the people who have decided to buy a different brand because of our youtube channel should contact Tadd Jenkins the President of Jayco/Entegra and let him know what’s happening during the past 7 months period of having a coach with a major steering problem !

      Thanks for your comments and keep watching for updates

      • Ed D says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Glenn.
        Especially if owning an Entegra is about the “journey and experience”.

        Thanks again and I hope you solve the floating axles issue very quickly.


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