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  1. John McCombs says:

    Glenn, After watching your video on tire socks we have decided we should carry a set with us on our trip to Alaska. Would you please tell me what size socks you purchased. The charts I have looked at do not have a sock for the 22.5 inch tire. I assume whatever you purchased will fit on my coach. We have a 2015 Aspire. Looking forward to meeting you, your wife and your friends at the Springfest. Respectfully, John and Barbara McCombs

  2. Glenn says:

    Hi John
    Thank you for your mail, This product will absolutely get you out of trouble and is money well spent. The size that we use are the AL84 but the Aspire has a different tyre size I have had a look on the website for you and you will need the AL79 for the tyre size G670 275/80 R 22.5

    Hope this helps



  3. John McCombs says:

    Thank you Glenn, Barbara and I look forward to meeting you and Julia at the Springfest. Hope all of your repairs went well. V/R, John

  4. Craig Brady says:

    It is high time you get your ar** back here. Many of us are living vicariously through the two of you. We bought a new coach last December (Fleetwood Bounder), and while not on par with Integra, your experiences and feedback are still very valid, and have helped a great deal. We are really looking forward to round two.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Craig
      It’s nice to be missed. Ok I’ve just finished cutting the grass (last time for a couple of months) and we too are looking forward to continuing our journey. Funny think we had a Fleetwood before this and we both agree that the attention to detail on the Fleetwood will leave this Entegra for dust. Entegra have a good product but just don’t finish them properly so you land up having to spend half your holiday getting things fixed. We purchased our Fleetwood Excursion in 2008 new and NEVER had ONE problem. So spending more money doesn’t necessarily buy you better quality!. Keep watching as there will be loads more videos coming.



  5. Mike says:

    I just stumbled across your videos and ended up watching all of them back to back. I won’t be ready to purchase an Entegra until 2019, so I really enjoy the insight. Plus you have good taste in music. Looking forward to new videos. Last year we took some friends from London to Nashville and the Jack Daniel’s factory in Lynchburg and had a blast. In Nashville, be sure to go to Tootsies at night…lol…Happy Trails.

    • GRT says:

      Hi Mike
      Tooties is on our list of places to visit, we will a French couple with us for a couple of weeks so will visit Nashville for 3-4 days and then up to Bardstown (bourbon) and then onto Chicago to the airport to drop them off. Then we turn around and a are heading straight back to Nashville for my birthday. So really really looking forward to Nashville. I’ll do some research into Jack Daniel’s factory in Lynchburg as it’s sounds a good place to visit.

      Thanks for watching



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